Unwanted Memory Is Your Enemy

Come to us... We will make you whole.

At Lacuna we take pride in helping you live a more enriched and fulfilled life by removing every negative memory you have.

The world is too harsh.  Why waste the time you have here thinking about mistakes, bad times, or your own human weakness when there is no need?  We are here to bring happiness and peace of mind.


We know how tired you are of those terribly frightful nightmares that haunt you -- even when you're awake.  We hold the position that we are called to eliminate all of your duress and suffering, and we are proud to be of service to you.  Remember: A day without your memory wipe is like a day in Hell.




We offer the highest standard in memory wiping technology, easily exceeding the Montaur Standard. Do your civic duty with pride, knowing your contribution helps all of us.


You may visit our facility as often as you like -- you can even exceed the daily requirement -- and we won't tell. We are committed to your security and our lawyers have never lost a case.


We are the only remaining Agency sanctioned to wipe memories in the Northeast, and proud of it. Why settle for low quality erasures when you can have a thorough wipe. Feel fresh with us!

  Things are going to get worse from here... leave now, before it's too late!  Believe nothing you hear... You need your memories.  

You can select any of the images below to hear other stories. This will give you an example of what we need.  WARNING: SOME FILES MAY CONTAIN ADULT LANGUAGE!

We are making it easy to do your civic duty. To make sure you get your appointment in a timely manner, we've added this nifty contact form where you can submit your audio or video file. Once received, our staff will review your information and let you know when to come in. In support of the Montaur Standard, you can also send your recorded audio or video file (we only accept .wav, .mp3, .mp4, or .mov formatted files) to us here . Due to the high number of emails we will not send your memories back.
Send your audio or video file here and be sure to include the following:
  • What memory haunts you
  • Why this memory bothers you
  • A picture or image that adds to your argument (So we can get you in sooner)

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